петък, 9 декември 2011 г.

Review: BT - "These Humble Machines" 2011 (English)

Year : 2011

Country : USA

Label : Nettwerk Records

Genre : Trance; Electro; Progressive Trance; Uplift Electro

Web Site : BT Web Site

I really did not listen to pretentious, imposed by radio and television, house, trance banters. I did not know how to approach to BT, there's definitely a DJ-ish mainstream countenance and style, but ... there's a big but. Namely, the music in this album is a total uplift and delight to my senses. Definitely I do not listen house, trance every day, but I prefer if to listen to, at least be as interesting and catchy as "These Humble Machines" of BT.
Comparing it with the things that make Delerium (project of two from FLA, in particular of Bill Leeb и Rhys Fulber), even at times is it very catching and uplifting. I do not know as far as progressive trance term is descriptive, but BT does electro on new level - with all the good elements - amazing piano melodies, dreamy female vocals, radiophonic, mainstream mood, not obtrusive. If somewhere there exist robots and aliens, then I am sure, that BT is their dose lifting music, and they burst themselves from the fun of it. Just it load and felt it for days ahead. Let this be a commercial music, that will go through my mind and perceptions. I agree.

It took some time since I heard the whole album of BT and definitely was pleased of the mixture which is built - trance adrenaline; nice commercial keyboards, yes, they are nice and they are compelling, no doubt; true dance atmosphere, good combination of male and female vocals (did I mention Delerium). Class. Electronic music and particularly house, breakbeat, trance styles can sound in quite happy and good way, passing through the hands, technique and mind of BT. And "The Light In Things" really brings such blinding light in the things, that your ears long after it's end to hear the song and sentimental uplift vocal.

BT is a good player in styles which music is issued, made and produced, almost every day, and he manages to be one of the best with the mixers. This album is the real proof, otherwise you do not need. Still with opening the album "Suddenly", BT said sense and his ability to compose perfect pop rock, house things, as well making a real adventure for the authors of electro pop, rock to catch up. Heavy rhythm, enraged guitar samples and bombastic chorus. This thing is a new kind of beauty in pop rock, electro arrangements. And although no melody of some other compositions on the album here ("The Light In Things"; "A Million Star"), it is perfect opener, just for this album. "The Emergency" reminds me of the beach progressive house stuff, where the word love comes to my mind in seconds. BT is truly a landmark for house, trance DJ's and producers, and they must comply with his music, completely seriously. On top of all BT with his previous albums he have not less success in America, he is also well known name in electro communities and in the rest of the world. Offering well-sounding and structured club tracks.
Delicate keyboards and not less gentle voice in "Every Other Way" leave me in a situation where I know, there are real music, that touches, and "I've search for you", and so tenderly sung female vocal, whatever I was not heard for a long time. Did not soupy fuse of the thinnest emotions, in mid tempo. Also shows a sense of extensive orchestrations here, which open horizons in the song and consciousness, by which to lose yourself. Speaking of "The Light In Things", it starts as if burst supernova - magnificently, with the digging rhythm and sweet, but sweet female vocals, makes me imagine the feverishly all the good love moments in my life, and a vocal itself is weapon. Appeal to making a nice house, trance music, this performance should to enter in books of making electro, pop, trance, required, but if there none such, then to create precisely because of this song. And since I know, that my words will not be heard or to get to the right place, and who am I, to calling for manual for trance music. I will listen when I want, without overburden myself. This is a cosmos, bordering on sweet indecency. And after hearing song truly I can see light in things. Positivism is a faint word. Just because of this song album is meaningful completely, without any claims. Song from the future. Sometimes I feel, that I have the gift of a prophet, what to do, it happens. Think in the direction of "Silence" of Delerium (yes, that same commercial strike from several years ago, that radio and television in my country are broke to spin, I think, completely justified), but the vocals are even more sweet, thrilling, and somehow this thing here is more mellow and positive, despite her adrenaline power. Unfortunately, that Front Line Assembly failed for the time being to have known and successful, as their project Delerium, but that's another topic.
This piece should be forth on the charts, doubtless. And ends seemed like I to fly in infinite Universe, and I'm no longer here, but in my ears song sound for a long days.
Yes, the album is not adrenaline and striking all the time, the proof lies in the "Rose Of Jericho", which is progressive trance without vocals, only trip. At times is it slightly relaxing, compared to previous compositions. In the middle has a slowdown with uplift atmospheric keyboards and again pumping rhythm. Alternative rock and electro are intertwined in "Forget Me", supported by dance rhythm and gripping of waist synths. Again, lifting and carrying me on waves of adrenaline. At aspect, that BT makes such a bombastic fusion of alternative rock, electro, pop, house, trance, and it is a class above a lot of things issued in house and trance styles, no way not to like it. I feel it very close to me this album. And with it's ingredients, and the way in which he grabs me, and with emotions, in general I don't feeling bad, that I like this mainstream material. Even wonder, how it is created all this rich music. So much components, sounds, emotions. BT just did the best thing, and height for overjump stand high - in presence of so good pop rock club and not only hymns.
"I don't wanna be perfect anymore" sung in a pop rock hit "Forget Me" is somewhat confusing given that BT has that perfect material, well, except one or two compositions.

There is still a vigorous punch with tender female vocals and guitar at the beginning of "A Million Star", which hardly does not collect the energy of a million stars, to erupt in the ultimate trance, house anthem, that will blow up crowd and noisy clubs, where, believe me, will be heard clearly. Keyboards orchestrations and filter elaboration are again top notch and are conceiving (imagine, a bit of love will do in the background). This brings me on thought, that this is a album that Delerium are did not issued.
And BT launches into the stratosphere his status, as well as finished "A Million Star" - with a sound like a flying shuttle.
"Love Can Kill You" is again pop rock club hit with strong percussion and bombastic chorus with furcation "Love can kill you or love can save our soul". Just like in life - two options, which accompany lovers and not only. Very quickly passing performance, imperceptibly. The next "Always" starts a lot of U2 from their electro period several years ago. And yes, electro, pop, rock are mixed to the delight of my perceptions. Escape from anger, always searching, running, so it comes within the song. Therefor to find inspiration, when I'm calm and clear all the demons on the way, to create things that I love and can, so I felt it like this.
Tenth "Le Nocturne De Lumiere" is progressive trance warming-up with a many robotic samples, ambient breeze, and dance, can you imagine. There are no weak composition, got such with a stronger and others with less cosmic-hit charge. And it to be a full positivism, for me this is the album of the year, from what I heard in the styles house, trance, pop rock, of course, it's in my own list.
"The Unbreakable" is the penultimate and that, that is hit this should not surprise you. Strong text and atmospheric passages create unbreakable story. Inspiring and very hyping, and there are catchy guitar insertion of the chorus. And that "I will" give me strength to me. Indestructible positive composition.
"The Ghost In You", which is a remake of the original of The Psychedelic Furs closes this great album with acoustic guitar, melody and "Angels fall like rain, and love, love, love is all of haven away". Heartfelt and passionate performance, that touches just like a real good songs, written from the heart and with the heart. Even I am a little sad, that the album ends, it is so seductive and just with this breaking pop rock ballad, yes, a ballad, directly nailed me sentimentally.
The song ends with an explosion of sparkler in the distance. And I imagine - a quiet night, amusement park, loving people and a lot of music. Thanks to BT, that it created in me such a wonderful feeling caused by the full of hits "These Humble Machines".

For BT weak albums are unknown territory. He is again on top of the wave, which he create by its rich of elements, that fascinate, music. The future looks bright and gently with the music of it's, and he has a lot to present, not doubt in this. Finally, I hope much, he to wins the race for DJ of the year in America for this 2011 year. Although amongst nominated there are many prominent names - DJ Shadow; Moby; Girl Talk; Cut Chemist and others. But if he do not win, after all, I wish more of these beauties in the future from BT. He can do these things.