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Review: O. Children - "Ruins" (Single) (English) 2010

Country : UK

Year : 2010

Genre : New Wave; Alternative Rock; Post-Punk

Label : Deadly People Recordings

Web Site : O. Children Facebook

Yes, this Music touches. Touches where is hidden talents, dreams, everything that makes you different, unique and only. I got a feeling, that this song which I'm write about now "Ruins", I can listen to it all day, without feeling tired and none, revealing new details in it, appearing with each next listening. Here is the review written on bulgarian language.
This their single contains two versions of that song. In particular original version and the radio edit. A bass voice of Tobi O'Kandi, only compare it with that of Peter Steele of Type O Negative. Expressive, deep, emotionally charged, giving a realistic sound of the lyrics.
"Ruins" (Original Version) is like a heavier version, extracted from the works of great The Cure. Melancholy and realization. Post-punk, new wave, electro. And baaang. Beauty. Exciting, this must being heard. Good musicians, recreating one such deep emotions. Very well written catchy music. You can be found yourself in them music, can feel pain in yourself, but finally remain the Music.

Here are some of the lyrics of the song:

"Out of the shadow, I'm cutting and screaming.
Protecting your honour, with a shot in my hand.
" Strooong.

And finally: "Stick with me,
Go mad here,
Don't be scared,
I'm here.

Yes, The Music keeps me, will keep you, if you dedicate yourself truly, but for this to happen, it is necessary for it to be made real, with heart, as is here in music of O. Children. Their music can not be miss. Prepare yourselves, this thing holds for a long time. Truly Emotional Touch.

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Listen To Your Head And Mind In It (English)

For several days now, reign full mess and total eclipse in Bulgaria. Falseness, political, ego crisis, paranoid wars between politics. I do not want this, seriously. This is not my thing. I trust only myself. Art suffers, but from the other side, from this will being born many beautiful things in art direction, I'm pretty sure. The risk to feel constantly under hidden observation is depressing, psychotic, it is not an illusion, I think that this is how falsely accused person feels on his first day of his entrance in the penitentiary institution. Full shock, psychiatric shock. The problems on social and institutional level is much more serious, but I do not want to go into analysis. Many things remains beneath heavily waterlogged swamp, hopefully, it will soon all come to the surface, to the people's minds. In moments like this I want citizenship in another country, hell, right now, on the moment. And I don't stop feeling like that, until the moment when I feel, just like that, to feel, I for myself, that I'm really secure about my existence, about my certainty, about that my rights as a citizen to receive a proper respect and attitude, about my development in the future, here in Bulgaria. I'm really scared about the future, seriously. I want a strong, open-minded society, not "lab rat", with all due respect to thеsе animals. We'll (people who think with our minds) get through this, and we'll find the right way like a champs. And there will always be music, however, whatever happens. Let's hear what can to tell to us Al Jourgensen, and Easy Star All-Stars with covers of "Time" and "Us & Them" of Pink Floyd, you don't want to refuse that, right?

Listen To Your Head And Mind In It

От няколко дни насам, цари пълна обърквация в България. Лицемерие, политически, его кризи, параноидни воини между политици. Аз не искам това, сериозно. Това не е моето нещо. Вярвам единствено на себе си. Изкуството страда, но от друга страна това ще роди много хубави неща в арт насока, сигурен съм. Риска да се чувствам постоянно като че съм под скрито наблюдение е подтискащ, психотичен, не това не е илюзия, мисля си, че така се чувства несправедливо обвинен човек при първия си ден от постъпването си в съответното наказателно заведение. Пълен шок, психиатричен шок. Проблемите на социално и институционално ниво са много по-сериозни, но не искам да изпадам в анализи. Много неща стоят под гъсто заблатена маса, да се надяваме, че скоро всичко ще излезне на повърхността, ще стигне до умовете на хората. В моменти като този аз желая гражданство в друга държава, по дяволите, сега, веднага, на мига. И няма да спра да се чувствам така, докато не усетя, точно така усетя, аз за себе си, че мога наистина да съм сигурен за съществуването си, за сигурността си, за това да получавам необходимото внимание и отношение на правата ми като гражданин, за развитието си в бъдеще, тук в България. Наистина съм уплашен за бъдещето, сериозно. Искам силно, open-minded общество, не "лабораторни мишки", с цялото ми уважение към тези животинки. Ние (хората които мислим с ума си) ще излезнем от това, и ще намерим верния път като шампиони. И винаги ще има музика, обаче, каквото и да става. Я да чуем какво може да ни кажат Al Jourgensen, и Easy Star All-Stars с кавъри на "Time" и "Us & Them" на Pink Floyd, а, нямаш против това, нали?