понеделник, 9 септември 2013 г.

It's Time To Move On Again - Faith, Courage, Attitude (English)

Just in this moment "You Can't Bring Me Down" on Suicidal (I remember more other groups and songs, that are appropriate, but right now are Suicidal Tendencies) to play - for the old years, for the old acquaintances, for the time. For me, for what I am. For mistakes, that learns me to be I, to be only myself, and to don't give up. For self-discovery. For this, that I'm not gone (physically and mentally). For my inexhaustible energy. For my way of thinking. For the life to come. For Music. For the associations. For all those, that do not give up, and didn't refuse to be themselves. And for many more streak, characteristics, observations, many of which provoked by Music, around me and within me, which I'll inset into my future writings. Greetings to all who have wherewithal to think, and use their minds as intended, greetings to those, that who have not sold, and sell their souls, and those who resist of all attempts to be manipulated. That is the way. Nobody can tell me who I am, so, go swim haters, you are far away, and there you will remain. Your souls are empty. And no, there is no gram rage or anger, it is a logical set of circumstances. And that's how should be. Short and clearly. You Can't Bring Me Down. For Life.