четвъртък, 27 октомври 2011 г.

Review: Selah Sue - "Selah Sue" (English)

Country : Belgium

Year : 2011

Label : Because Music

Genre : Folk Rock; Soul; Indie Rock; Groove; Reggae; Roots Rock

Web Site : Selah Sue Web Site

In the music of Selah Sue felt a casualty, a smooth, pouring sense of urban flaccid, songs lining up smoothly and carried away by his positivism. This brings me that pleasure, and due to her undisputed talent, that comes to me while I was inserted in it's "trip". Her new self-titled album is a mix of pop, indie rock, reggae attitude and unquestionable talent of Selah to introduced in the positive.

The opening track on the album "This World" set off me and make me incredibly happy. And it's most blurry blues, bop, hip-hop tune. Feels like a joy of making music and expressing of emotions. Which is extremely important for the whole process of creating whatever it is. Pieces cast smooth, catching, and makes you think of calm, like that of "Peace Of Mind", which is the second track on the album, and it is livelier hip-hop tune with piano finally. Next is "Raggamuffin" raggamuffin, yes "raggamuffin is a freedom fighter". Think in the direction of back to roots, and just only groove. "Mommy" is a leisurely guitar ballad dedicated to the mother, that gives us life. What better than to write a beautiful song about it. And Selah does it, heartfelt and very strong. Crying. Tells how she cried many times, and how can not live without her mother. And it is only which she understand it when she is frightened and alone. It cannot doesn't touch me. And "Explanations" is about how there are ups and downs and how to look for something that which can lift you, when you're not sure of yourself and your emotions float to the top. This piece is beautiful, hug him and get three ideas better and nice. The whole album is very positive and honest. True and genuine melodies for things of life, baby. Selah is a super positive creature.

"Please" (feat. Cee-Lo Green) is a soul, jazzy velvet, lazy performance. "Summertime" is intimate soul, folk rock miniature. That will make you dream on for summer evenings, looking at the sunset, sparkling grass, sway from the wind. Slow and irrigation fall for more than the summer. Trust me. Come on a little oldschool hip-hop, soul stuck in so slightly from the "Style Crazy Sufferin'", generally rich in beats album. Of this piece may be dance, let to bet. Penultimate composition "Fyah Fyah" is a reggae-pop, breaker. Done as a jam session. The album ends with trip, "Just Because I Do", absolute leading it to an associations with guru of Bristol - his trip Majesty's Tricky (listen whispering vocals and bass line). The album is a fresh piece roots, folky, hip-hop, groove, and it really is. If you do not believe me you can let him, and you hear interesting and positive things. Else is is to have one such music, that do not spin nonstop on the radio. They deserve much more. They reach our hearts, because they have made exactly for them. This is a must hear, not only for this year.

Photo by Cedric Viollet