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Review: Sleep ∞ Over - "Forever" 2011 (English)

Country : USA

Year : 2011

Label : Hippos In Tanks

Genre : Dream-Pop; Shoegaze; Ambient; Ethereal

Web Site : Sleep ∞ Over at SoundCloud

Sleep ∞ Over - "Romantic Streams"

Here is the debut album of dream-pop beauty Sleep ∞ Over, it issued by Hippos In Tanks. People from there then say "Sleep ∞ Over are finally at home", but whether it will be so forever, time will tell. Is commendable, and is happy, that despite hinders Stefanie Franciotti, engine of Sleep ∞ Over is not surrender, she have energy, promised, that there will be album, and here it is. And it's wonderful. Stand alongside to the most sensual things of Cocteau Twins, well, little emotional statement, but really there are many catching things in it. First a little piece of detail - the group name is written with the sign of infinity between two words.
So, to the album that is a whole event for me, fascinated by the ghostly-enchanting Sleep ∞ Over melodies.

The album reveals the light of 10 diamonds. Even with opening "Behind Closed Doors" like time stops and I be carried away in the wonderful land of dreams awake. Ambient ecstatic noises reminiscent of magical, quiet forest, and ghostly voices, reverbs whispering. Nice occultism. Something like a magical introduction to the story "Forever". And now with the second "Romantic Streams" come to the heart of the matter which giving rise to the music of Sleep ∞ Over - how actually we can be dream. Well, the answer is clear - very, pretty much dream, dream-pop. Almost neo-folk chants of Stefanie Franciotti, like a very dreamy Tori Amos or Dolores O'Riordan, even dream-pop Sade if you prefer, bring on the wings of dreams. And I want Sleep ∞ Over have them forever.
With a dose of help from his mate Laurel Halo (electro artist) this album sees the light, because it should, must not this charming music grew fainter.
Listen to ambient, dream atmosphere of the third "Porcelain Hands" and you'll see how beautiful is music in "Forever".
Minute and 54 seconds cosmic trip, carry me in the magical forest where there is a slight gray-pink mist and feeling of eternity in "The Heavens Turn By Themselves", like Paradise descends to me. Reverberate, resolved drums, as if descending from very high in addition to the magic voice of Stefanie Franciotti, who took me with him on tour in parallel worlds.
The next "Casual Diamond" was released as a vinyl single, as you know from the review about him where I analyze it. Very rich and catchy composition which became part of me from first listening.
Ghostly feeling embraces me with full force in "Cryingame", sound like a traveling ghost train, bass which pierces the fog to be see the medieval buildings from which peep young people. Sounds strange, yes, Stefanie was managed to bring very strange atmosphere in this instrumental. Here you wandering between past and present with sound of the acid keyboards insets.
"Flying Saucers Are Real" have chillout blast with shamanic light drums, charge spreading on me as a clear dew. Elizabeth Fraser-esque chanted vocals and rhythmic drums. This is Sleep ∞ Over, one of the true faces of dream-pop music, yes, only after one full-length album (not to belittle singles, demos and splits), which convinces me in this. "Flying Saucers Are Real" is one of the height in album. A tale that ends with the sounds of landing a flying saucer, aliens which bow down to the sounds of Sleep ∞ Over.
I want so much like this music as in "Stickers", because it reminds me of the best things of the Cocteau Twins. Simultaneously it is fresh chill composition, floating over oceans and islands on the wings of imagination.
The album holds the attention from beginning to end. "Stickers" is synth-pop, chillout, dream-pop with magic guitar and revised beyond recognition, so it sounds like a futuristic saxophone sample from the third minute. Harmony which borders on trips of Pink Floyd from the time with Syd Barrett.
"Untitled" is 24 seconds noisy skit, with the sound of constant changing frequencies radiostation, like possessed by the pixy ghost.
End with "Don't Poison Everything" is the total call and slogan about to think how many things we destroying in nature, in our relations each one to another. Just be yourself and dream. Blurry, slowly and pleasantly euphoric monumental composition, with all ringing, sparkling sounds, typical for a real dive in the dream-pop waters, which you can come out smiling.
The long-awaited debut album of Sleep ∞ Over is already fact, for the joy of people who love their music. I am one of those and I was pleasantly satisfied thereof. Not often come out such beauties. I believe, that this album was made with heart and soul, it is evident, and my inner sense of handsome and beautiful made music not lie to me.
Play it and hear the magic that jets from it. And a journey into the endless dewy forests and heavenly realms, where sounds are truly is guaranteed. I am so close to be able to dream with open eyes and soaring consciousness.
And do not forget - don't poison everything. Get ready for dreams and dream-pop, because it is really important when you listen Sleep ∞ Over.
This is a dream-pop albums of the year. Look around for Sleep ∞ Over.