събота, 22 октомври 2011 г.

Review: Death Cab For Cutie - "Codes And Keys" 2011 (English)

Country : USA

Year : 2011

Label : Atlantic Records

Genre : Indie Rock; Alternative Rock

Web Site : Death Cab For Cutie Web Site

Starting with the fact that Death Cab For Cutie have made the most melodic and powerful album in his discography. And Ben Gibbard is an extraordinary songwriter and composer, no doubt. Forget linear indie rock, there are electronics, and are passed to the post-rock sound, even, are you doubt in the effect. Any song you can catch you feel it. There are many good piano and keyboard work, which separates the material to another level. There are guitar - rock, indie rock, fresh. They have always been an interesting group to me, yet I had the feeling, that love to experiment and be innovative in their own way in what they do. And here, in this album, they prove that my thoughts. Wonderful lines, dreamy piano, echoes in the vocals in "Home Is A Fire" give whimsicality, that charm, "the bricks make me nervous, they only so strong, love" - ​​reveal claustrophobic, the desire to break the stereotype and get out in the open space, under the big blue sky.

All this in a racing pace and cleverly intertwined electronic samples. Atypical opener of the album, but very catching and melodic composition. Retro feel of the piano in the title "Codes And Keys" is intertwined with indie rock vocals of Ben, and guitars open shoegaze horizons, and added orchestrations of violin and you get a very rich composition. Reminds me slightly of The Cranberries in the atmosphere that makes, feel simplicity, but also very ideology. The third "Some Boys" is a like decadent dance and there are hints kinematic, but still melodic rock, with post-punk flavor. "Doors Unlocked And Open" have a country rock guitar, and is very playful composition of the relieve, with urban lyrics and one "blinding sun". But see the lines - "Somwhere down, down. Down in the ocean of sound, sound. We'll live in slow-motion. And be free, with doors unlocked and open. Doors unlocked and open" - is one of the best, melodic, entered me in the mood choruses, which I have ever heard. Fascinating strong song. This is my daily aphrodisiac. Tempo, rhythm, guitars, vocal, everything is creative mesh and provides me a extensive sound horizon of my consciousness. Comes to mind, that this song could serve as inspiration when you want to create something - a picture, song, prose, or simply to feel inspired. Play this song and hop, magic happens by itself.
Speaking at the start of post-rock, here in this case, take and hear "You Are A Tourist", where the guitars are not shoegaze, not indie rock, not post-rock, yes they are not, they are something timeless. The mid tempo of the song is appropriate and provides space and of the voice of Ben Gibbard to sing - "And if you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born. Then it's time to go. And define your destination. There's so many different places to call home." But finally see this - "This fire grows higher, when there's a burning in your heart" - sounds prophetic and so real. And again a very strong melodic chorus with aliens guitars, this thing stands beyond borders, restricting it. No weak songs here, whatever anything someone say. "Unobstructed Views" begins as IDM, ambient, and piano can not but recall the image of Chris Martin of Coldplay in my mind. Harmonious, ballade. Here again you can feel that, that I mentioned there have post-rock. They are broke their sound, and from it has earned the Music. Even a whiff of Pink Floyd, plus a slightly philosophical lines, for that, that no one in heaven, just stellar love. Therefore, this album ranks among the best released in 2011, for me. Freshness, dose of innovation, experimental spirit, melody, everything that makes it sound like no other. For how many artists are capable of this - have created these ingredients, well, but to assemble the right way, and that to feel, to happen the magic of good record. Well, Death Cab For Cutie have managed summarily, there are grams no doubt in me. You want a good old indie rock plus a little electro, so there hear it in "Monday Morning". Mid tempo, rusty guitar chords, and "The night is gonna fall and the vultures will surround you, and when you're lookin' in the mirror what you see is gon' astound you" - slightly fictional, but so human at the same time words, plus a fabulous sounding keyboards, straight from monday morning. For the umpteenth time, fresh rock album.
Began as folk rock with piano "Portable Television" is urban in the text, with extensive keyboards, gently theatrical Ben Gibbard, and really catching story. Which tell, that excessive obsession from television, distorted perceptions about the spirit of nature, living in metropolis such as New York, and have more attention to it. To feel it better, so I feel it like that and knew this composition.
The last three compositions on the album are amazing, not that others are not, on the contrary they are all heavenly. I'm not become a critic, but I do not want the presence of such songs, my only criticism is, that haven't more songs in the album. Ninth "Underneath The Sycamore" catch with the chorus. Death Cab For Cutie are definitely done so that all the songs with minor exceptions ("Home Is A Fire", "Unobstructed Views", "Stay Young, Go Dancing"), are with totally beautiful and catching choruses, besides the sound. "Underneath The Sycamore" is a rock - listen to the guitar; pop - listen to the chorus; ambient - hear keyboards - all this has made the song sound like a fairy tale. Just as parents, when they are tells stories until we are little kids. To banish all nightmares. The text is funny - "We are the same, we are both safe. Underneath the sycamore" - even romantic, don't you think like that. In connection with texts here another, it is from the title "Codes And Keys" - "Throwing stones at the sky, when they fall back to earth, as minor chords of major works. Separate rooms of single life. We are one. We are alive"- metaphorically likened how little things, produce big questions and they are significant. And what you do makes have a significance, somewhere in space and time.
The next "St. Peter's Cathedral" I feel it her as a modern, experimental version of "Numb" of U2, no, nothing particular, beginning with piano chords reminiscent of the same structure as "Numb". But see, this is a bridge connecting indie rock with post-rock. Slowly, epic, breathtaking. Ambient and at the same time with sharp guitars in the background, slightly sad and dignified, like a medieval cathedral, which should not fade over time and can be left empty. Solid composition, as a feeling and arrangement, which can not leave indifferent with his story, woven from fictional text. "It's either quite a masterplan, or just a chemicals that help us understand, that when our hearts stop ticking. This is the end, and there's nothing past this" - so true, make me a little sad, but it is ultimately so true. Here style does not matter, this is just pure beauty.
The album ends with a folk rock melody of "Stay Young, Go Dancing", feels The Beatles rock, slow Oasis-esque indie rock, radiophonic and harmonious simple performance, which closed the best, melodic and interesting album in the discography of Death Cab For Cutie. If you have not already heard it, do it, because otherwise you will miss the amazing fresh melody, innovative flair, stadium rock anthems, and the sense of Death Cab For Cutie to write strong, memorable rock, pop songs.
Great material, full of fictions, truths of life, memorable songs and creativity and talent of the musicians, who have hit the right tone and deliver me irreplaceable pleasure of listening to a perfect album. No, this is not an exaggeration, just everything on the album is the right place and blow me, but this is what I need.

Listen it and dance it hard, not only on monday morning.