неделя, 9 октомври 2011 г.

Review: Boy Friend - Lovedropper / D'Arrest 7'' (Single) (Vinyl) 2011 (English)

Year : 2011

Country : USA

Label : Hell, Yes! Records

Genre : Dream-Pop; Shoegaze; Synth-Pop

Web Site : Boy Friend at BandCamp

Boy Friend at SoundCloud

Boy Friend - "Lovedropper"

Boy Friend are two girls - Christa Palazzolo, also in Sleep-Over and Sarah Brown - that make magical dream-pop, shoegaze. And the result is pretty good and romantic. A pinch Cocteau Twins and slightly new wave feels to them. This single contains two songs and is issued by Hell, Yes! Records. The beauty and serenity flowing on waves of the voices of both.

"Lovedropper" is first and has a delicate dream-pop vocals plus many synth-pop. The influence of Elizabeth Fraser can be felt in the vocals, slightly tribal and atmospheric passages that they sound more Cocteau Twins. But they can not be denied the desire and the effect which they create with music, namely - relaxation, soaring, negligee. Just fly. And you are somewhere else.
"D'Arrest" is much slower than "Lovedropper", have echo in the vocals and the feeling in me for a sky, dotted with stars in the silent night. Creates dreams, very dreams. Does not sound salty, at least not for me. And it is fresh, and for relax. The two girls make dream-pop with which you relaxing, dreaming awake, dream, enjoying the peace, and goes imperceptibly, that you again and again reach out to key play, for the umpteenth time. And I expect they to make an whole album where if they score more guitars, will make no mistakes and deploy their ideas. And as I listen their inspiration is not missing. Let the time be with them.