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Review: Norton - "Layers Of Love United" 2011 (English)

Year : 2011

Country : Portugal

Label : Skud & Smarty Records

Genre : Indie Rock; Alternative Rock; Shoegaze; Melodic Rock

Web Site : Norton Web Site

Norton are a melody, Norton are from Portugal, Norton know how to operate with the tools and to make you the most painless operation - with exact dose of melodic anesthesia, infusion of vitamin complex of extensive synthesizers parties, subtle bass line and marking percussion - and you get out of the anesthesia as reborn.
Norton is - Rodolfo Matos - drums, synthesizer, programming; Pedro Afonso - vocals, guitar, synthesizer; Leonel Soares - bass, synthesizer; Manuel Simoes - guitars, vocals. Norton played like every great British indie rock band, that you came to mind. And the vocals are just as sung by an englishman, i.e, without comment. They play perfectly and they has become a big name, believe me. There are a lot of music in them.

Enjoying the fact that this year went pretty good quality and melodic indie rock, alternative rock albums, and to be fully happy, I pick up another melodic strike. This time Norton issued catching indie rock, with shoegaze guitars and melodic vocals. Sounds familiar. But the album is more than good, to tell it straight, and has a beautiful artwork.
Music of Portugueses, exactly at this album will make you to want more and more. Why, you ask? Listen and you will feel how you flying high above the wrinkled surface. I said that they are from Portugal, yes, the album is called "Layers Of Love United" and contains nine songs, not songs, but rather pieces, ranging from about 3 to 4 minutes. Melody. Dedication and love to music. This which makes me ask myself questions and flit away inside in it. In this line of thought, listen to "Glowing Suite" - it is perfection with text about love, stretched in time, and melodic vocal, guitars move the tempo, jump in my skull box, though there have always been and now they're awakened. I don't want this piece to ends. It is one of the longest on the album, only the last "Layers" is longer. I wish I could write the best words for it. Ok, I'll limit myself to one - eternity. With this song Norton nobly can be remembered and respected over time.
The next instrumental "Satellite F" no retreat, despite two minutes and 30 seconds in duration. It reveals the ambient synth beauty, dribbled alongside the drums guitar and melodic bass line. Charm and dream of a perfect melodic world with lots of smiles and people. But back to the beginning.

The album begins with "Two Points" which is vibrant with light text, a mixture of indie rock and exuberant post-rock in synthesizers and in its atmosphere. In this song you may find the pace in the remaining eight pieces. Midst, but vigorously, unobtrusive and overexploited, and lightweight implied melody, that unfolds in the remaining, mostly in "Glowing Suite", "Satellite F" and "Summer For Tomorrow".
This is the album along with "Codes And Keys" of Death Cab For Cutie is the most melodic thing which I've heard this year.
In the second "Daydreams" has a pad of 8bit sound on the synthesizer, and the feeling is positivism. A guitar generate pace.
"Coastline" most easily can be a stadium anthem, and will soon be a hit at the concerts of Norton. Energetic, pop composition, one of three four-over minute compositions.
It is noteworthy working relationship between the musicians - vocals Manuel supplemented by guitar of Pedro Afonso, and driven by Leonel bass and drums are played by Rodolfo are machine. Machine for rhythm, for melodic rhythm.
Top for me in this album is the fourth, halve it into two boards (both strong and good) "Glowing Suite". This is a piece wedging in mind immediately, without asking you, you want it or not, just made perfect and there is nothing to add to it. There's everything - melodic, timeless chorus, guitars are an foil between post-rock and classical indie rock touch, positive text, atmospheric, enchanting synthesizer passage supporting chorus, which creates a cosmos and somehow lifted my spirit high, a few more ideas high. And all it is light - cosmic. Something like this when I wake up with the feeling, that today it is exactly a beautiful day and I don't worry about everyday problems. Makes me feel in love with ... everything. Contemporary. Enchanting, this is enough, others are feelings. I would say, that "Glowing Suite" and the next indie rock, post-rock instrumental "Satellite F" are a melodic peak of the album, and I would make a mistake. Because then queue line up melody after melody and the album became a melange of melody, wait, not sweet, in none case.
Passion for music and charming guitar parties largely contribute for the melody. With such good music, Norton will increase its fan base drastically.
"Japan" is a nice guitar-based, 8bit synth has again after a second minute, which keeps a constant tone, and rhythm is just as much lifting as to raise a few thousand audience at feet in the stadium.
"Summer For Tomorrow" is a bassy, melancholic piece, but the text is positive - for it to feel, to see the light, sparks, always, and to make you summer in your tomorrow. With such an album will always summer in my soul. Did I say ever?
In connection with this song - I feel it as a continuation of the last record of the Air Formation, which unfortunately does not function, for the time being.
Before last is "Into The Light" which starts with melodic chords and deep revealing emotions bass, lines to the fight to go ahead, to follow yourself. The chorus is energetic, backed by synthesizers, inviting you to dance. This is one of the most rhythmic compositions on the album. A shoegaze guitars in their full splendor, you can hear after the second minute and 40th second. Feast and brilliant music, which is worth all the money. And you should own, if you like melodic indie rock with catching choruses, yes, here you will find it.
End is for "Layers" with messages like - "Future is layers of love, united" and "The whole world is a magical spark, shockwaves of joy."
This piece seems to catch me in his arms, to comfort me, although that is vigorous and more soaring by others. More post-rock dynamics felt in guitars of Pedro Afonso and Manuel Simoes. A rhythm section is not felt - machine that moves design without groan.
In the album the guitars are the ones who set the pace and rhythm, at least in most of the songs is like that. Set I mean, that mold rhythmically structured parties, seems consistent to the nearest second with bass and drums, to be pure magic in music.

If you have even not heard new album of Norton's from Portugal, do it. Take in your heart and mind melody of Norton and enjoy every season. With their music you'll feel only warmth and the perfect melody as indivisible, indestructible part of yourself.

I need this music. Thanks to Norton, that made it here and now, and reveal layers of love, united in perfect music. There is something melodic in Portugal.