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Review: Sleep ∞ Over - "Casual Diamond" 7" (Single) (Vinyl) 2011 (English)

Country : USA

Year : 2011

Label : Hippos In Tanks

Genre : Dream-Pop; Shoegaze; Ambient

Web Site : Sleep Over at SoundCloud

Sleep ∞ Over - "Casual Diamond"

In Sleep ∞ Over participate, or at least participate until recording of "Forever" Christa Palazzolo, which is one half of the Boy Friend, for which you already know from my review on "Lovedropper". And as I was thrilled by the two-songs single of Boy Friend (and hopefully to make a whole album) also expect to be struck by unexceptionable by the magic of Sleep ∞ Over. Another part of this wonderful magical dream-pop project created in early 2010 is Stefanie Francoitti from Austin, Texas, USA. It is also a member of the lo-fi, pop, dream-pop group Silver Pines.

So after a few demos, that catch hearing of people in the Night People label whose catalog appear groups - Terror Bird; Peaking Lights; Tyvek; Chrome Dome; Three Legged Race; and the project of label founder Shawn Reed - Wet Hair and many other interesting groups. Specializing in the issuance of experimental, garage rock, synth-pop, noise, drone, shoegaze, dream-pop mostly cassettes and vinyl, generally they issue cool stuff. They are people who love music in its diversity stylistic forms. Start a totally DIY from one room, two faithful friends Shawn Reed and Andy Spore gives beginning and move a label, that at least you can say about it is, that is interesting. Back to Sleep ∞ Over (I must say that the name is written with the sign of infinity between two words) which until a few demo tapes issued by the Night People Records, they began working with another label - Light Lodge, a boutique label specializing in issuing vinyl, thence released on 12'' vinyl, and "Forces" of Silver Pines (see in the beginning) released in 2009. So after a few realize splits, one of them with their friends from Austin, Texas - Pure X.
Continuing to work, in the summer of 2010 they released 7'' vinyl "Outer Limits" by Forest Family Records. Changing the label is imposed by itself - they constantly expand his musical horizons, from classical pop structured to lush and sensual dream-pop compositions. After a tour on the East and West Coast of America in the summer of 2010, Sleep ∞ Over continue to hold power and stylistic rich music open to listeners. It seems so that Hippos In Tanks will be a label, that will release an long-awaited album or a LP' of Sleep ∞ Over. Eventually people from Hippos In Tanks will say "Sleep ∞ Over at last are at home." But before that can happen is happening slight shifts in their scheme - Christa Palazzolo and Sarah Brown withdrew towards their project Boy Friend, just before records of the album and Stefanie was alone has no intention to stops Sleep ∞ Over, and to give off the magic.
Work continues and before to come out the album Hippos In Tanks (lovely-nice label) or HIT if you prefer, that issue very interesting projects and groups - Von Haze; Laurel Halo; Games; White Car, to name a few, issue 7'' single "Casual Diamond" of Sleep ∞ Over. Who should prepare the ground until to release the album. As some say, to sow the seeds of dreams. It is for this single, consisting of the title track and it's remix of Laurel Halo or Ina Cube I will write below, ok well and will fly away, I do not know when I will come back, honestly admit.

After the dream devastation of "Lovedropper" to assign at "Casual Diamond" on Sleep ∞ Over, and girls seem to have anticipated what I said in relation of "Lovedropper", that should put a little more guitar in their music. And here I find them - dreamy, deep chords consolidate the dream atmosphere. The vocals are mellow somehow, denser sounds music with them. And it would be a real wrongdoing after obstacles this group does not exist. Regarding vocals - somewhere between Kate Bush lying on the green, facing the sky and singing and Elizabeth Fraser slightly sleepy, but still divine with her voice. And I think Sleep ∞ Over is a worthy continuation of the genius Cocteau Twins, but did not think of any imitation or copying, they invest much of themselves, to sound more tempting-gently and to touch the stars with his music. If before going to sleep listening to "Casual Diamond" I guarantee you, that will dream of rainbows, colorful unicorns and all kinds of plushy toys soaring among the green sky, yes exactly, green, mint endless of your sleep. And the atmosphere is both such a electro post-punk far beyond, as guitars make it even further with a pleasant melancholy of timelessness. Bass is deep, slow soaring notes in depth. And the voice of Stefanie Franciotti so absorbing in melodic folds in the brain. Unique atmosphere. Since Cocteau Twins I hadn't heard so catchy dream-pop. Casual diamond, no Sleep ∞ Over is not something accidental, Sleep ∞ Over make music.
The second composition, the remix of Laurel Halo is dreamy as underwater journey among sank color ship. There are many electro and echo phrases of vocals. It's like I'm in a fast-occurring dream - kinematic, metalic and there are many things which create images of my old stories or my dreams. Futurism and IDM under the generic nominative, for the incessant, rhythmic journey of your soul. If you go for a walk in the mountains get this performance with you and feel how with each passing minute it infused doses of oxygen and pleasant thoughts.

Laurel Halo

Sleep ∞ Over make music that can be with you longer. Taken from all natural beauty, metaphorically speaking, it gives flight to the imagination, which lead you to the ephemeral pleasant places. And when I fall asleep I hear, somewhere deep in me ghostly piano parties and the magnificent voice of Stefanie Franciotti, who invited me on a journey back in pleasant dream-pop realms. This I can not refuse, it's stronger than myself.