неделя, 16 октомври 2011 г.

Filter - Beautiful side, the other side or when you know it is nice to feel this cold

Filter working on new material, make a concerts, and meanwhile your site to have addictive video "No Love", which is in dark colors, fashion, with beautiful girls and the band playing with zeal. As always. Filter hasn't weak stuff. As a start of their debut "Short Bus" of 1995 by the existing hits "Hey Man Nice Shot" and "Gerbil", go through the closest to perfection "Title Of Record" in 1999 with neckcrushing and emotional bombs as sort of - overture "Welcome To The Fold", "It's Gonna Kill Me", the brilliant "Take A Picture", "I Will Lead You" and confession "I'm Not The Only One" - all making it a beautiful finished album. Emphasize complete. Which had to come out sequels like tentacles of an octopus records, but there is still time for that, I think.

Continue through slightly softened, and aim for a commercial heights "The Amalgamut" issued in 2002 and did not show 50 percent of the emotional musicality side of Filter which always surrounds me. In this album with hit charge are "Where Do We Go From Here" and "The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)" which are far from a bomb thrown with "Title Of Record" in 1999. Go through the "Anthems Of The Damned" in 2008 which trying to recall the old times and force of Filter. Here you will hear the wonderful album opener, holding the throat emotional appeal "Soldiers Of Misfortune" which that Filter remind her best things that ever been done, but they are not less. The album was somewhat controversial but still Filter - emotional alternative rock with light streaks of industrial that glue the mixture and produces a modern pop record that holds the attention. And Filter know how to play with emotion. For "Kill The Day" just words are unnecessary, it's like a soundtrack to all your favorite movies, it's like an explosion, sometimes I feel that the composer talent of the musicians here has rank many times and the song can even fight their most recognizable element "Take A Picture" (registered 12 position in Billboard) from "Title Of Record" on emotion and rapture of the first listen. This album breaks as well as "Title Of Records" in 1999, however Filter in 2008 and the album closes it in a good way. After a few months they released and a remix album of "Anthem For The Damned" called ... "Remixes For The Damned". In remixes take part Clayton Worbeck (worked with Revolting Cocks), else Rae DiLeo, Wes Borland (known from Big Dumb Face; Black Light Burns; Limp Bizkit), John 5 (Marilyn Manson; Rob Zombie; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Sebastian Bach) and Richard Patrick itself. 2010 finds them with "The Trouble With Angels" which is a return to the roots and to "Short Bus" - more industrialized, and aggravated from "Anthems Of The Damned", for example. This is clear from the first composition in his "The Inevitable Relapse", which sounds grim. The line continues "No Love" - ​​"Twenty years ago you try to take my eyes" is a phrase that contains rage and going back in time, but Richard Patrick is a nice angry. Suggesting, that spirit about emotional songs is not lost, if you doubt it. Here is drenched with cold "Catch A Falling Knife". That Al Jourgensen would love to have in his repertoire. Like that for finesse and pop trend in his industrial parables. Overall this record is their slower and saturated with coldness of the surrounding reality that will feel in the title "The Trouble With Angels". Prophetic album and if you believe it, go-ahead. Al Jourgensen 2010. I hope Filter to return with more and more power in their songs, as they always have done or at least try despite all the experiments. And here is the video of that "The Trouble With Angels". The video is about "No Love" which I mentioned at the very beginning.

And since I do not want to go through without brilliant "Take A Picture", I would like to post link to its video in You Tube here.

And last but not least a video of "Take A Picture" on stage with little daughter of Richard Patrick who enjoys, stands surprise and never wants to leave the stage. Art is born in you the most, while you're still small. Richard Patrick is charisma and a great artist.

Link to video of "Take A Picture" on You Tube

Filter - "Take A Picture"