сряда, 19 октомври 2011 г.

Review: Adeo - "In Motion" (Single) 2011 (English)

Country : Norway

Year : 2011

Label : Dirt, Lies & Audio Black

Genre : Liquid Drum 'n' Bass; Drum 'n' Bass; Dubstep

Web Site : Adeo at SoundCloud

Adeo - "In Motion"

Behind the name Adeo stands 19 years young man from Oslo, Norway, which makes a nice liquid drum 'n' bass, dubstep.

It happens like that so I re-discover style drum 'n' bass, and this single is just that with which I deeply dive in liquid drum 'n' bass waters. So deeply, that it's stripped my skin and begin to look around at the fish and creatures in this water, and you see, they laugh and feel the rhythm they dance, can you imagine.
Oily, light, propelling composition, suitable for total relaxation, love with your girlfriend, sunshine, greenery, to keep going like that. It's very good, brutally simple, and at the same time, excited-inviting you to created all good things on earth.
Turn it longer, without ever think about it, and it should not, movements are faster than thought. In motion at all levels in the human system, otherwise I do not need, but a whole album of such beauty from Adeo. This composition present in the compilation "Liquid D & B Essentials 2011 Vol.1" (2011).

Are you still do not heard to, quick to load with good vibe. Just listen to this heartfelt beat.