събота, 3 декември 2011 г.

Review: Ding Ke - "Island" (English)

Year : 2011

Country : China

Label : Modern Sky

Genre : Neo Classical; Pop; New Age; Ambient

Web Site : Ding Ke on SoundCloud

Ding Ke - "Because Of You"

Ding Ke is a Chinese dream, pop, neo classical composer. In his album "Island" it sounds soft, the piano is compelling, fiddle, cello and classical atmosphere too. As a contemporary classical composer, he made the piano and his voice leading in the 10 compositions on the album.
You can feel the new age techniques with modern Coldplay setting with the piano in "Orange". The music is relaxing, without unnecessary frippery - no guitars, no drums, tempo changes and more. Just minimalist piano compositions that lead to intimity. The texts are trivial - for love, understanding, peace of mind. If I need to be determined by a broader term what is happening on the album, it will be - winter-natural-clean-ambient-pop with dream pop vocals and neo classical techniques.

Piano in the opening "Petal" captures classic chords, bring to mind the slightly coldly autumn mood. Ding Ke's voice in "Orange" is additional melancholy instrument, but you should not delude yourself, that he will be scored you in the depressed ambience, in the middle of the performance includes fiddle, though come from the medieval house. And it is not to be lonely and fragile, it is supported by the cello, and finally it ends with a softly, whispering voice of Ding Ke.
In "Bird" defining thing is fiddle in the beginning, which makes the transition from classical to new age piano and contemporary pop voice Ding Ke more pleasant. Ballad of freedom, of flight of the spirit.
In "We" the piano sounds the most classic, but do not forget the voice, he inlet pop strain, that separates time of now and before. Yes, there are fiddles and film orchestrations. This album may get film music etiquette. For a such film with little rain, walking people, yellow leaves on the trees, smiling huddled girls, boats moored at the wharf in calm seas. "We" is a minor, but beautiful, like "If", which takes more new age in itself, but also pop ballad telling about a love. And the insertion of saxophone, gently creeping, is so magical and moves. Truly magical, minimalist composition.
Next with the trivial title "Baby I Love You So" is a bit r 'n' b, soul, especially because of vocals, no need to mention, that it is balladic, but at the chorus it has a sense of commerciality.
"Maitri" is very dreamy at the beginning, like to see how a flower blooms right at your eyes. And the vocals are one of the best on the album, complementary with the piano and Maitri is a magical creature which he sings with such sincere love. Classical piano schooling tell his word and piano is... classical in "Because Of You" - "I need you", "You can take my story" - so few words, so telling, and so beautifully sung. Complete rendering. Here voice is dream, pop, you called it as you want, but I will say then - unearthly, sinking you into the composition. I do not want anything more.
"Lost" is the final composition in an album that you does not feel lost. Instead, enter the musical, secure world, existing in about 30 minutes ambient, new age, neo classical beauty. And to confirm this Ding Ke makes the whole "Lost" instrumental, like soundtrack of the water. To find yourself somewhere there in the beautiful piano, cello, fiddle and orchestrations, which depict the entire "Island".

This album is timeless, an endless story happens every time I hear it.

Yes the island is clean, pleasant, with birds, smiling people and a voice and piano, that embellishes without intrusion.