понеделник, 19 декември 2011 г.

Cesaria Evora - One passion had leave us (English)

One passion had leave us. Queen of morna (do I say passion). But his heart stay here. On Earth. Surrounding dusty streets. Standing beside the lonely man sitting on a park bench, staring in tomorrow. In waiting of passion - for life, for music, for ultimate whiff of the new day, that will bring him at least some of which can be felt somewhere in the music of his own existence. I believe that people do not really die, do not disappear, from them remain a floating timelessness, here around us, wherever there is air, and particles eternity in which become are able to flow away undisturbed from the material, touching us, so that we remember all those moments where we were close (emotional, sentimental, physically, in our thoughts) to each other. A passion remains, sometimes with more, sometimes with less power, while we living and trying to stay here. As if God needs music coming from the heart, and he chose Cesaria Evora to sings next to him, somewhere up there in the halls of eternity. Now she is there and sings as only she can. Lord protect her soul and of all the people I love, but who are gone from here.