петък, 23 декември 2011 г.

The Best EP's of 2011 (English)

1. B4sstee
"The Answer"
(Echowide Music)

Leisurely like a cat lying on the beach (cat whether I said?), catchy as ice cream at 40 degree summer day. Relaxing as a summer breeze. So liquid drum 'n' bass trip in search of "the answer" for the serenity of the imagination. Therefore it is catching and good. The answer lies in the summer relaxing touch of music in this EP' of B4sstee.

2. Amon Tobin
(Ninja Tune)

From kinematic IDM through eclectic glitch, to honestly psycho-trip walks amongst the dark pathless depths in electro music, where schizophrenic noise cheep and 8bit fragile structures collide, all this Amon Tobin can do best. So it is like that here in this EP' of Brazilian electro wizard, predecessor of full length "ISAM" (2011). Whatever he did with his music, it seems, and is unmistakable. Be frank and open minded to flow into the details of his music. In these hide the key to a good trip.

3. Alt Track
"The Banana King"
(Bomber Music)

Modern alternative rock - electro, hip-hop recitatives, breakbeat, jungle, drum 'n' bass, energy. Three pieces of dreaminess trip.

4. Gates
"The Sun Will Rise And Lead Me Home"

Fresh breeze post-rock, math-rock, away from material anguish.