събота, 24 декември 2011 г.

The Best Reissues of 2011 (English)

1. Jake Slazenger
"Makesaracket" (Vinyl)
(Planet Mu)

This reissue of the original from 1995 includes two extra songs only in this version of album. Acid trip, IDM, funky electro. Rhythmical, to make you dance, waggle yourself, clean home, for example. Casual, but trippy and catchy. However, I write about man behind Planet Mu Records, do not neglect it.

2. Die Krupps
"II - The Final Option" 2CD (Remastered)
(Synthetic Symphony / SPV Catalog)

Classic industrial album from group with a history in the genre. Two CD's with music, many remixes by Biohazard; Charlie Clouser; Jim Martin (ex. Faith No More); F.M. Einheit, to mention a few. What more of high-quality industrial, played by German machine Die Krupps.