четвъртък, 22 декември 2011 г.

The Best Singles of 2011 (English)

The end of the year came in full force, and it comes time for charts, in case ranking of which music was good for me and who's the albums touched me in this year 2011. Straight ahead, this is my list of albums, singles, EP''s, and some more interesting titles that I listened this year. Here I put in albums, singles, EP''s for which I wrote, have no intend to convince you, that this is also your list. No, it's my thing. Music coming out this year, generally, is a lot, of course there are still many albums and artists who for one reason or another have not come here in my list. Well that's it. Here's my year in music and the charts that I made. Let's to wish still more powerful and musical 2012.

1. Bubble Club
"The Goddess"
(International Feel Recordings)

Wonderful artwork, island-esque chill feeling of relaxation streams from the music in this two compositions. Tuneful ambient, chillout for quiet days intense with sunlight. Many memories of dreamed dreams in the mixture of dub and ambient, tribal electro for more reverb of the subconscious.

2. Boy Friend
"Lovedropper / D'Arrest" 7" (Vinyl)
(Hell, Yes! Records)

Dream-pop single from two of former members of the magic electro... dream-pop project Sleep ∞ Over. Mellow enjoyment to a state of complete oblivion of who and where you are.

3. Sleep ∞ Over
"Casual Diamond" 7" (Vinyl)
(Hippos In Tanks)

More guitar oriented dream-pop song with soft vocals. Suitable and irrigating for before going to sleep.
There is a remix made by Laurel Halo (electro) which is like a underwater cinematic journey. Why this single is good? Because it is cinematic, metaphysical journey, and it calm as invoke thoughts of magnetic Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. I think, that this is enough as of a single from the wonderful "Forever".

4. Architecture In Helsinki
"Contact High"
(V2 / Cooperative Music)

Two versions - radio edit and album version. Danceable, go-go, with vocal impressions and 80's disco feeling for cheer. Prelude to a large chromatic album, which is the "Moment Bends". Talented Australians with rich ideas. These two compositions will moves you.

5. Commix
"Double Double" 12" (Vinyl)

Vinyl single released through the label of Goldie - Metalheadz. Goldie and Metalheadz not say you anything? Don't like that, are you kidding.
The single is progressive drum 'n' bass, liquid jungle. But enough go-ahead to have in yourself and acid synth lines, intertwined with oldschool jungle and killer rhythm. Sturdy, vigorous, in your face piece. Hurry to see what things produce Metalheadz.

6. Machine Code / Katharsys & Forbidden Society
"ID / Run & Hide"
(Yellow Stripe Recordings)

Cyclic, mechanical, heavy darkstep, drum 'n' bass, without unnecessary deviations offer Machine Code. And the slightly up-funky drum 'n' bass side of the Forbidden Society, supported by Katharsys (drum 'n' bass duo) broken dental fillings with strong programming of the drums. Useful single unifying aggressive with more movable drum 'n' bass.

7. London Elektricity (Feat.Elsa Esmeralda)
"Meteorites" 12" (Vinyl)
(Hospital Records)

Tony Colman materialize this single with two songs, and two are remixes, respectively made by participation of Danny Byrd and Cutline. He release it through his own label Hospital Records (prolific electro label). I'm talking about Great Britain, talking about the voice of Elsa Esmeralda, take participation in both compositions. Magical, mesmeric voice. Music is serene drum 'n' bass, dubstep. And it can not be otherwise, when Tony Colman had a hand in things. And a lot of feeling, reminiscent of an dreamy atmosphere of the film "The Beach". I'm sure, that you know it.

8. Adeo
"In Motion"
(Dirt, Lies & Audio Black)

Nice liquid drum 'n' bass from Norway. Suitable for relax, dancing, sunny days filled with long walks and more in this line of thought. Singles are a good option for such individual, uplift journeys with music.