понеделник, 26 декември 2011 г.

The Best Albums of 2010 (English)

1. Yelawolf
"Trunk Muzik 0-60"
(DGC Records)

This is the album with which Yelawolf break through underground mist in 2010. It has solid hip-hop plays as "Pop The Trunk"; "Get The Fuck Up", a darkly pictures in the hip-hop version "Billy Crystal" (Feat. Rock City), prank anthem "Daddy's Lambo" and more, and more. And quality livelier hip-hop, served by the growing obsession Yelawolf.

2. Cotton Jones
"Tall Hours In The Glowstream"
(Suicide Squeeze)

Past times, mountains, lakes, rivers. Stories to be told. Dance to the sounds of alt country. Water, nature and quiet times gone by are a unifying factors in this album. A very nice one, look back at some time which left their cultural and art imprint in American society and music.

3. 7 Grani
"Di Giorno E Di Notte"
(IEN Project)

Soft rock - Italian, cheerful, leisurely, yes, and with some deep emotional melody, that are pleasant breeze in this fusion of rock, jazzy, alternative rock, folk rock. Make smiles and good mood even though I do not understand Italian.

4. Bravo Johnson
"Come Taste The Sun"
(Stone Junction)

Album capturing the essence of the desert sun and with distant, pointed inwardly psychedelic motives. Americana, stoner rock, blues rock. Easy, slow trip to the sun of my mind. Why is it good? Because I often want to escape, to go and gather some desert sun. However, winter comes, there will be salvation, in endless haze.

5. Canyons Of Static
"Canyons Of Static"

Album that although it is post-rock, shoegaze lacks the necessary experimental vibe, which is not in his plus as a whole. Introverted, abstractive compositions of that have more homogeneity. But otherwise instrumental post-rock trip, well, except for the lack of experimental vibe in arrangements.