събота, 24 декември 2011 г.

The Best EP's of 2010 (English)

1. Stars
"The Seance"
(Soft Revolution Records)

Very emotional electro, indie rock music in this EP'. Surrounds you, and leads to thinking, but not to dwell in yourself unnecessarily, and to think retrospectively, at least to me act like that. This EP' contains the splendid collaborations with artists from The Album Leaf; Montag; Of Montreal. I recommend you to sink into this with featuring of The Album Leaf, even if only because this line: "I hope I never see what they see." Have a nice trip.

2. EvilMrSod
"El Cuervo"

Honky-tonk, country rock, folk rock played by Pablo Rodriguez aka. EvilMrSod with passion. Pure essence of rock 'n' roll in six compositions with earthly lyrics and attitude, absorbed from the big artists of rock and folk rock music (Bob Dylan; Tom Waits; Chuck Berry; Carl Perkins), and there is no question of any replication of these names. There is a doses of useful humor.

EvilMrSod - "Boy, You're Gonna Be Allright"